Package Design – Yes, It’s That Important!

Posted by Michael Perry on Oct 24, 2014

Incite is a strategic branding design company. Most of our work (and expertise) centers on package design for the Consumer Goods segment. So naturally we believe well designed packaging is a key component of a successful Consumer Product

Absent a highly controlled rollout where other factors can be eliminated (advertising, POS, social media) it’s difficult to get a hard ROI for package design. There are studies that have crossed our desks which do a credible job of assigning a value to good package design relative to other potential marketing/advertising costs.

One that really caught my eye was on a now-defunct web site ( They cited a study that claimed “on average, every dollar invested in advertising and package design resulted in over $7 in incremental value for the brand. Great news! But even more interesting is the data from case studies where there was no advertising, and package design was the only element that changed. In these cases every dollar spent in brand identity/package design generated over $400 of incremental profit.”

It is likely their data came from a 2001 study by The Design Management Institute. The results of two studies are presented on pages 6 and 7 of the linked PDF. Many may find the entire study of interest; I’ll be the first to admit much of it goes beyond my personal pay grade!

This is one study. That said, the attention that highly successful CPG companies give to package design indicates it is a significant factor in the ultimate success of a brand and its products.

Does your product’s package design contribute an effective ROI?

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