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Extensive Relevent Experience

Incite possesses valuable editing/post production experience from both technical and brand/messaging perspectives.

Broadcast editing experience includes:


  • The Big Red Machine (Weekly Sports Series)
  • Avco Hour of Stars (Ohio State Fair Program Special)
  • Paul Dixon Tribute Show (1974)
  • Commercial and News editing


  • Max B. Nimble (Syndicated Children's show - nominated for Regional EMMY 1978)
  • Commercial editing
  • News editing (nominated for Regional EMMY 1978)
  • Requested as Tape Room operator by News Director for 11:00 News the night after the Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire in May 1977

Design/marketing editing experience includes:

for Incite Visual Communications
(Client Assets are proprietary and may not be shared)

  • Self Promotion Video 2016 See Here
  • Client Board Presentation 2017
  • Client Video for Branded Rupp Arena Event 2019
  • Client Stockholder Presentation using Prezzi Web Based Presentation platform 2015

for Pixlboss

Streamlined Project Logistics

Sharing required assets during a video project can be cumbersome; in-person deliveries, costly courier services (local, regional, national) sending USB or other digital media containing images, videos, or documents can create problems if the delivery is delayed or lost. Public file sharing sites can have inherent security issues.

Incite uses an internal Web accessed Digital Asset Management system to facilitate video asset access, sharing, and delivery. Clients benefit from secure unique user-based access, with the ability to allow multiple users for each client; even controlling by client-defined groups permissions for various DAM functions.

This eliminates additional cost and potential control loss of valuable branded resources.



Cincinnati, Ohio